Easy Tips to Prevent Water Damage

All insurance policies in the USA provide water damage coverage. However, the entire process of getting your claims transferred to your bank account is not a very enjoyable experience. Apart from that, the pain of actually throwing away your favourite piece of furniture and cleaning up the entire mess are good enough for you to be cautious about the problems arising from water damage.

 Be a Responsible Gardener

 There are some trees like weeping willows whose roots run pretty deep. If you are not careful about placing them, the trees can end up spoiling your sprinkler system, drainage field pipes and septic tanks

 Clean the Roof Gutters

 Roof gutters are installed to provide excellent drainage on a rainy day. Before the rainy season kicks in, hire a professional or if you are fit enough, you can simply climb up to your roof and make sure that the gutters are clean from any kind of sticks, bird’s feather, leaves or bird nest. Failing to check your gutters can cost you a lot in the long run.

Check your Monthly Water Bill.

Finding a leak in the house is easy as long as it is from an external source. However if the leak in internal, in between the walls, the damage often becomes visible when it is time to cal up emergency water removal services. A good way to track these hidden damages is by simply keeping an eye on the water bill. If you see an abnormally high rate, it is obvious that you have a leak somewhere in the house

 Use a Drain Snake Instead Of Unclogging Chemicals

Clogs in the drain pipes are pretty nasty. No one likes to deal with them. In your attempt to get rid of them fast, do not use unclogging chemicals. Unclogging drain solvents may look like a quick remedy, but has a serious negative effect on the drain pipes. They make the pipes brittle and prone to leaks. Instead of drainage chemicals using a drain snake is a better idea to get rid of stubborn clogs.

 Check the Water Pressure Level

 If the water pressure level in your house is set too high the pipes may burst under the pressure. Invest in a good quality water pressure gauge to monitor the pressure. Under any circumstances, the pressure should not go above 70ppi. If required install a pressure regulator.

 America’s restoration services are an Atlanta-based company who specializes in water damage restoration and water damage cleanup services. Apart from this they always provide a wide array of services which includes upholstery cleaning, Sewer damage cleanup, air duct cleaning, rug cleaning and even emergency services like a restoration of property after a storm of a flood. With over 24 years of experience, they are always available to help you out under any circumstances.


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